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Educational Resource Sites

Feel free to scroll down through this page to find links related to the following topics:

American Literature and Authors
Language Arts and Literature
Shakespearean Sites
British Literature and Authors
Lesson Plan Databases
Teaching Language Arts
Children’s Literature and Authors
Mythology and Fairy Tale Sites
Vocabulary and Spelling Sites
Classroom Computers
Online Full-Text Resources
World Literature and Authors
Composition, Rhetoric, and Writing
Poetry Sites
Young Writers
English as a Second Language
Reference Sites
Miscellaneous Sites
45 Next Generation Learning    
Miscellaneous Sites

Lesson Plan Databases

English and Language Arts Lesson Plans (by Subject Area)

Teaching Language Arts Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures  Materials for Literature Courses 

Language Arts and Literature Sites – Extensive Sites that Categorize by Topicice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research Student

A free “teach yourself” tutorial on Internet information skills for English. Tour key sites for English, discover tools and techniques to improve your Internet searching, review the critical thinking required when using the Internet, and reflect 

Online Resources and Libraries 15,000+ complete books available online.line Texts Collection Books Online|
Read, search, and annotate great works of literature. The collection currently contains 634 books and 905 short stories by 194 authors. New works are added to the collection on a regular basis. The works are split into seven categories: 

Composition, Rhetoric, Grammer, and Writing Sites Writing, Speakingents in grades K-7. 

English as a second Language 
English as a Second Language Sitesd Espanol (in English, but for Hispanic education) for Educators: World Languages ESL, Bilingual, and Foreign Language Teachers

Reference Desk Picture Dictionary with Links,853 illustrated dictionary entries. Each word is used in a meaningful English-French,   English-German,   English-Portuguese, aEnglish-Spanish version. Libraries’ Citation & Style of Rhetorical Devices Words Britannica Books And Literature Library Museums

Children’s Literature (general) and Author Sites
Authors & Illustrators on the Web Literature (SLMC) Children’s Literature and Language Arts

American Literature and Author Sites

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature – A Research and Reference Guide Art, Music, and Literature! online study guides for teachers and RealVideo clips

British Literature and Author Sites

Shakespearean Sites

Shakespeare Web Database Sakespeare and the Internet Tragedy of Julius Caesar

World Literature and Author Sites

Mythology and Fairy Tale sites

Myths and Legends Electronic Texts  Fairy Tales  MES: Mother Goose and others

 Poetry Sites Guide to Poetry & English Poetry 1250 –1920

Classroom Computers

Managing Computers in the Classroom Computer Classroom Learning, and then either select the choice for Writing or Oral Presentations.)

Young Writers

Young Writer’s Clubhouse

Reading Lexiles