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At the beginning of each year, parents must provide a signed written note providing the physical address for students riding the bus to and from school. If there is a change for any reason, any day, parents must provide a dated note if they wish their children to exit the bus at a stop other than their own home or usual stop. The only exception to this policy is if a parent calls the school in an emergency and requests another stop for their child.

Parents of students on inter-district transfers will need to make transportation arrangements on the days that Trinity High School has early release. Students will not be released early from the elementary school in order to ride the high school bus.

Riding the bus is a privilege. High standards of student behavior are required on the bus and at the bus stops. All passengers must accept the authority of the bus driver while on the bus. Students are responsible for their behavior going to and from the bus stops.

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The Trinity Alps Unified School District acknowledges the need for responsible private drivers to provide transportation services for numerous school activities that otherwise would not exist without private support. 
Please click the link to view the Volunteer Vehicle form, which needs to be renewed each school year.